Legal Features of the Apartments

Apartments cannot be constructed in any of the ways as required by any person. There are some certain kinds of specifications which are required to construct an apartment. The people who construct the buildings must be acknowledged by those specifications so that there constructed apartment must be under the legal constitutions and they cannot have to face any trouble afterward. If the constructed apartment is not according to the prescribed rights of the tenants there is the permission to the legal forces to diminish the apartment. The legal specifications are formed for not only the tenants but also the owners. This help both the parties to enjoy the favorable environment where everyone can live freely in a happy and healthy environment.

Bedroom specifications are applied to the apartment construction and not only for the apartment but also for the construction of bedroom in open houses, hotels and other such places there is some specific condition. Out of such conditions, the most important and highly prominent one is the presence of a window. The window must be present in the wall of the room which is facing some of the outward environment. The window must open towards the street or in the garden. If there is not garden or street present towards any of the wall, it is the order to construct a courtyard and open a window towards that place.

It is also said that if there is no window present in the room then the room cannot be categorized as the bedroom. This is highly helpful for the tenants and other people to live in an environment that has an easy access to the fresh environment, sunlight, and air. There are many of the diseases that enter the human body only because of the environment devoid of sunlight. The less access to fresh environment gave room to many of the germs to flourish within and in the human body. So, there must be windows according to a legal constitution in the apartment’s bedroom otherwise the apartment is devoid of the bedroom.

Another prominent legal right of the tenants is the presence of good kind of stairs which easily can bear the weight of human beings. The payment of security deposit is one of the main legal features that must be well known by the renters and the owners. It is very important to discuss the terms and conditions regarding the security deposit by both the parties. The payment of the security deposit by the tenants must be done before their shifting to the apartment. This payment can be used by the owner to manage any of the harm done to any of the belonging of the apartment. It is the legal right of the owner to use the payment, and the tenants are responsible for paying this security deposit. The tenant is responsible for living up to the written period in the lease agreement, and the owner must notify before making the apartment vacant by the tenants.