Key features of the common large apartment

Some of the common large apartments share few features in common with each other. The pattern of construction of apartments was initially the same, and all the people followed the same pattern of construction. However, with the passage of time and the various modifications the apartment pattern was changed according to the requirements and needs of the various regions. This made the limitations of the similarity of some of the features that remained consistent and common with each other. People who have to stay at different kinds of regions encountered the similar kinds of features for some of the apartments everywhere. These traditional and common features are equally well enjoyed at every place with the same dignity and prominence.

Junior four apartments is one of the most prominent kinds of apartments found in various regions. The junior four apartments consist of four kinds of rooms with distinct features. Living room, bedroom, dining room and a spare room which can be used for the required purposes by the tenants is present in the junior four apartments. The spare room can be sued as a bedroom or as a storage room, or it can be converted to any of the required purposes by the family. These kinds of apartments are very less shared by various people and single families most commonly reside in such kinds of apartments.

Junior four apartments are always categorized in single bedroom apartment because there is no window in any of the other room of such apartments beside the bedroom which let them categorized in single bedroom apartments. Based on the pattern of junior four apartment, there is junior studio apartment that has a single bedroom and do not consist of any of the spare room. However, there is a four-walled room with no door that can be used for any of the purpose other than the bedroom. Many people who are in need of using such kind of room as bedroom place the temporary doors, curtains, cardboard doors or any other such kind of hack at the door of the room to make it look like a bedroom and produce the required privacy features in the bedroom creating a temporary second bedroom in the apartment.

Classic six apartments is another large apartment that have prominent features like the high number of the bedroom with a high tone construction. The eastern families is many of the times larger than the western families. So, the number of such kind of apartment sits generally the higher in eastern regions that the western ones. But they do exist very well in the western countries. Classic six and classic seven apartments share every feature in common to each other except the number of bedrooms which is two for the classic six and three for the classic seven. Other than bedrooms there are dining rooms, living rooms, maid or staff members room present in the apartments. A number of bathrooms is more than two in such apartments.