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Promoting and Building Nebraska Trails

From the Pine Ridge to Scotts Bluff National Monument, from the Sandhills to the Platte River valley - people and communities across Nebraska are connecting with the rest of the nation through a system of greenways and trails. Nebraska trail enthusiasts have joined together to contribute their time and resources to become advocates for trails statewide.

The Nebraska Trails Council

Formed in 1984, the Nebraska Trails Council (NTC) provides a statewide organization to promote trail development and use. The Council provides a collective voice for the local trail advocacy organizations that have formed in almost every part of the state, as well as for individual trail supporters.

A Leader in Trail Development

Nebraska is an acknowledged leader in developing trail corridors for recreation, transportation, education and habitat conservation. The MoPac Trail between Omaha and Lincoln will soon connect Nebraska's largest Cities. The Steamboat Trace takes visitors through lush meadows and forests of southeast Nebraska, while Fort Robinson area trails expose visitors to sweeping vistas of pine-studded buttes and plains. When the 321 mile Cowboy Trail across northern Nebraska is completed, Nebraska will be home to longest rails to trails conversion in the United States.

The Nebraska Trails Council is a vehicle for trail advocates to build broader support for trails and greenways. It is a clearinghouse for information on trail development, activities, and events. It provides networking opportunities between new trail advocates and experienced trail developers. The NTC's biennial statewide trail conference provides participants with networking and educational opportunities, along with local trail rides.

Council members assist local trail leaders in building strong relationships with city councils, county commissioners, natural resource districts, the Nebraska Unicameral and Nebraska's congressional delegation. Through its members and board of directors, the Nebraska Trails Council pursues activities that benefit local trail groups and projects across our state.

NTC Mission Statement

To advocate for trail education, acquisition and development through promotion and legislative action for the betterment of trails within the State of Nebraska.

Its Time to Unite Statewide

Become part of this important effort. Complete the linked PDF file membership form and send in your dues to become a member of the Nebraska Trails Council. If you are already a member, spread the word and give the form to a friend. Your membership will make a difference!

NTC Membership Application [pdf]