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April 13, 2015

A Fond Farewell

After a dormancy period of about three years, remaining officers of Nebraska Trails Council (NTC) determined that the trails council organization has accomplished the goals of the organization founders. Many communities and several rural areas throughout Nebraska now are blessed with public trails.

The remaining financial assets of Nebraska Trails Council, an amount of about $6,100, were donated to the Nebraska Trails Foundation for use in trail development within Nebraska. NTC has no other physical assets, with the exception of past financial records which will be destroyed.

This website will cease to exist as of July 3, 2015 when the current hosting contract expires.

Thank you to our past leaders, members, and trail partners including communities, natural resource districts, state and federal agencies. Your collective good work has made Nebraska an even better place to call home. Walk and ride on! Thanks one more time for all your good work!